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Does Polylevel break down after time?

Polylevel has been installed across the United States since 2008. It does not break down or have a sponge affect. It's closed cell, waterproof, and heat resistant so it does not shrink. This product is also designed to compress compromised soils and, it comes with a warranty, guaranteeing the quality of this product. 

How long does Polylevel foam last?

Polylevel foam will last as long as the concrete on top of it does. The only thing that can break the foam down is UV light, which, under solid concrete cannot reach the Polylevel foam. 

Is Polylevel harmful to the planet?

No, it is not. PolyLevel is a non-ozone, two-part polyurethane foam that is chemically immobile once it cures. That means, once it sets, it does not react with anything around it, so it will not filter into the soil or expose other chemicals into the environment.
PolyLevel does not biodegrade. This means that it does not break down over time and affect the environment around it. Because of its chemical and physical form, it is highly resistant to bacterial damage.
PolyLevel provides no nutritional value and will not be broken down by animals or insects.
Polyurethanes can degrade over time when exposed to UV radiation, but since PolyLevel is never exposed to sunlight anyway, this is not an issue.

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